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I think you’re confused. All your life you used fear to control people. Like your friends Mai and Ty Lee.


This may be the most beautiful fox I’ve ever seen

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Look I drew some Kirks. Used a reference on most of them.

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i’m a responsible adult

i support myself and 20 fruit flies

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sex is a lot like an episode of star trek. you roll around together for a while, clothing gets torn, there’s dramatic music, aliens are watching, somebody dies

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Idk, au where LOK happens in the future. I swear I tried to paint a decent Republic City, but the attempt was failed. Twice. Not sure if this can even count as Korrasami, but what the hell. Also I’m so sorry, Korra, you are always a little more bullshitted than Asami.

Also it’s my second art anniversary. Confetti and thank you to everyone for the support, without you guys I’d probably have walked out on the whole art thing 10 times by now.

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a bit annoyed that amok time is remembered being really slashy

because it’s also the episode that revealed that the vulcan society - that’s supposed to be more sophisticated and ‘evolved’ than humans - is misogynistic as hell

and that fact is rarely acknowledged in fics

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A: TLA MEME: 5 quotes [2/5]
↳ “Come on! Strike me! You’ve never held back before.”

Goodbyemy…my t’hy’la.
This is the last time I will permit myself to think of you or even your name again.


still illustrating tweets on occasion. this one’s by scribblymouse

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