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ok it’s 2014 all fanfiction should be on ao3

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Game of Seasons // Prints // Redbubble // Society6 // INPRNT

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well well well. if it isn’t my old friend, the dawning realization that i fucked up real bad

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showing your friend something you know they would flip out over and they say “I’ve already seen it”


i was supposed to be the hero

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i’ve lost so many followers on my art blog since i started drawing this gay space bullshit that now i’m embarrassed so i’ll subject my smaller, more tolerant audience over here to this shit instead

(i’m sorry)

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Fun drinking game: take a shot for every chapter you’re behind in textbook reading.

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Here’s a recap of the alternate universe “if sailor moon were set in a art nouveau paris 1900 world. 

I wish to have time to do maybe 3 more like this 

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Buffy Meme | Four Relationships (2/4)

Your affection for your charge has 
rendered you incapable of clear and 
impartial judgment. You have a father’s
love for the child and that is useless
to the cause.


might as well post where that tenzin sketch was from

what if the season didn’t open with bumi discovering his bending.  what if he thought his last few shoreleaves were a little too fruitful

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New York-based artist Kim Keever photographs colorful liquids blending together into captivating, abstract forms.

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  • me on my way home from class: oh man i'm gonna get so much work done let me make a to do list and get that shit done quickly and effectively i'm so pumped
  • me the second i get home: nah

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girls being kept out of the sciences and pushed into the humanities; the humanities being valued less in our society than the sciences; and the humanities and sciences being looked at as stark opposites that couldn’t possibly be enjoyed for the same reasons are all problems that need to in some degree be tackled together 

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